# dot_env


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  - [Quick start](#quick-start)
  - [Installation](#installation)

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dot_env is a port of the popular JavaScript [dotenv]( package that helps you load environment variables from .env (or other) files.

> This package may support other formats in the future but for now, supports the popular .env format
> You can find the Javascript test [here](

## Quick start

import dot_env
import dot_env/env
import gleam/io

pub fn main() {
    dot_env.load_with_opts(dot_env.Opts(path: "path/to/.env", debug: False, capitalize: False))
    // or `dot_env.load()` to load the `.env` file in the root path

    case env.get("MY_ENV_VAR") {
        Ok(value) -> io.println(value)
        Error(_) -> io.println("something went wrong")


## Installation

gleam add dot_env

and its documentation can be found at <>.