# Dumballah

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Dumballah is a tiny library that provides conversions between seconds and other time units, and some useful calculations to make easier the manipulation of Unix timestamps.

Dumballah is a voodoo Loa associated with the rain and the crops, that's why I chose his name for a library about time.

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## Requirements

Elixir 1.3+.

## Installation

Just add it to your `mix.exs` file:

defp deps do
  [{:dumballah, "~> 1.3"}]

## Usage

### Conversions

From `:hours`, `:days` and `:minutes` to seconds.
Dumballah.Convert.to_seconds(:hours, 7)
> 25200

And viceversa.
Dumballah.Convert.from_seconds(:hours, 25200)
> 7.0

### Calculations

Add and subtract `:hours`, `:days` and `:minutes` in seconds.
|> Dumballah.Calculate.add_time(:days, 1)
> 1473962718

Identify passed timestamps.
|> Dumballah.Calculate.has_passed?
> true

And more, like `date_from_dawn/1` and `seconds_until_midnight/1`: check the [docs](

## Notes
`` returns your current local time in seconds. If you need the current UTC time, use `DateTime.utc_now/0`, which is part of the Elixir standard library since 1.3.

## Recommended Readings

Working with date times is a [real]( [pain](; these links provide some insights on how the Erlang VM deals with time. You might find them useful.

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[Time Correction in Erlang](


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