defmodule Mix.Tasks.Ecto.Drop do
  use Mix.Task
  import Mix.Ecto

  @shortdoc "Drops the repository storage"
  @default_opts [force: false, force_drop: false]

  @aliases [
    f: :force,
    q: :quiet,
    r: :repo

  @switches [
    force: :boolean,
    force_drop: :boolean,
    quiet: :boolean,
    repo: [:keep, :string],
    no_compile: :boolean,
    no_deps_check: :boolean,

  @moduledoc """
  Drop the storage for the given repository.

  The repositories to drop are the ones specified under the
  `:ecto_repos` option in the current app configuration. However,
  if the `-r` option is given, it replaces the `:ecto_repos` config.

  Since Ecto tasks can only be executed once, if you need to drop
  multiple repositories, set `:ecto_repos` accordingly or pass the `-r`
  flag multiple times.

  ## Examples

      $ mix ecto.drop
      $ mix ecto.drop -r Custom.Repo

  ## Command line options

    * `-r`, `--repo` - the repo to drop
    * `-q`, `--quiet` - run the command quietly
    * `-f`, `--force` - do not ask for confirmation when dropping the database.
      Configuration is asked only when `:start_permanent` is set to true
      (typically in production)
    * `--force-drop` - force the database to be dropped even
      if it has connections to it (requires PostgreSQL 13+)
    * `--no-compile` - do not compile before dropping
    * `--no-deps-check` - do not compile before dropping


  @impl true
  def run(args) do
    repos = parse_repo(args)
    {opts, _} = OptionParser.parse! args, strict: @switches, aliases: @aliases
    opts = Keyword.merge(@default_opts, opts)

    Enum.each repos, fn repo ->
      ensure_repo(repo, args)
      ensure_implements(repo.__adapter__, Ecto.Adapter.Storage,
                                          "drop storage for #{inspect repo}")

      if skip_safety_warnings?() or
         opts[:force] or"Are you sure you want to drop the database for repo #{inspect repo}?") do
        drop_database(repo, opts)

  defp skip_safety_warnings? do
    Mix.Project.config()[:start_permanent] != true

  defp drop_database(repo, opts) do
    config =
      |> Keyword.take([:force_drop])
      |> Keyword.merge(repo.config)
    case repo.__adapter__.storage_down(config) do
      :ok ->
        unless opts[:quiet] do
 "The database for #{inspect repo} has been dropped"
      {:error, :already_down} ->
        unless opts[:quiet] do
 "The database for #{inspect repo} has already been dropped"
      {:error, term} when is_binary(term) ->
        Mix.raise "The database for #{inspect repo} couldn't be dropped: #{term}"
      {:error, term} ->
        Mix.raise "The database for #{inspect repo} couldn't be dropped: #{inspect term}"