# Ecto Mnesia Adapter
This adapter bring the strength of Ecto providing validation, and persistance layer to interact to Mnesia databases.

Mnesia is Distributed Database Management System shipped with Erlang runtime. Be aware of strengths and weaknesses listed in [erlang documentation]( before thinking about using it.

## What works
1. Queries
- [x] Basic all queries
- [x] Select queries
- [x] Simple where queries
- [x] and/or/in in where clauses
- [x] Bindings
- [ ] Fragments
- [x] Limit queries
- [x] Sort by one field
- [ ] Sort by multiple fields
- [x] One level joins
- [ ] Deeper joins

2. Writing operations
- [x] insert/insert_all
- [x] update/update_all
- [x] delete/delete_all
- [x] Auto incremented ids
- [x] Binary ids

Note: supports only on_conflict: :raise/:update_all

3. Associations
- [x] has_one associations
- [x] has_many associations
- [x] belongs_to associations
- [ ] many_to_many associations

4. Transactions
- [x] Create transactions
- [x] Rollback transactions

## Instalation
You can include ecto3_mnesia in your dependencies as follow:
  defp deps do
    {:ecto3_mnesia, "~> 0.1.0"}, # not released yet
Then configure your application repository to use Mnesia adapter as follow:
# ./lib/my_app/repo.ex
defmodule MyApp.Repo do
  use Ecto.Repo,
    otp_app: :my_app,
    adapter: Ecto.Adapters.Mnesia

## Migrations
Migrations are not supported yet, you can use mnesia abilities to create tables in a script.
# ./priv/repo/mnesia_migration.exs
IO.inspect :mnesia.create_table(:table_name, [
  disc_copies: [node()],
  record_name: MyApp.Context.Schema,
  attributes: [:id, :field, :updated_at, :inserted_at],
  type: :set
Then run the script with mix `mix run ./priv/repo/mnesia_migration.exs`

Notice that the table before MUST be defined according to the corresponding schema
defmodule MyApp.Context.Schema do
  schema "table_name" do
    field :field, :string


## Tests
You can run the tests as any mix package running
git clone
cd ecto3_mnesia
mix deps.get
mix test --trace

## Contributing
Contributions of any kind are welcome :)