# EctoAsStateMachine

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This package allows to use [finite state machine pattern]( in Ecto. Specify:

* states
* events
* column ([optional](#custom-column-name))

## Installation

If [available in Hex](, the package can be installed as:

  1. Add ecto_as_state_machine to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:
def deps do
  [{:ecto_as_state_machine, "~> 1.0"}]


  2. Ensure ecto_as_state_machine is started before your application:

def application do
  [applications: [:ecto_as_state_machine]]


## Let's go:

``` elixir
defmodule User do
  use Web, :model
  use EctoAsStateMachine
  easm column: :state,
    initial: :unconfirmed, 
    states: [:unconfirmed, :confirmed, :blocked, :admin],
    events: [
        name:     :confirm,
        from:     [:unconfirmed],
        to:       :confirmed,
        callback: fn(model) -> Ecto.Changeset.change(model, confirmed_at: DateTime.utc_now |> DateTime.to_naive) end # yeah you can bring your own code to these functions.
      ], [
        name:     :block,
        from:     [:confirmed, :admin],
        to:       :blocked
      ], [
        name:     :make_admin,
        from:     [:confirmed],
        to:       :admin

  schema "users" do
    field :state, :string

now you can run:

``` elixir
user = Repo.get_by(User, id: 1)

new_user_changeset = User.confirm(user)  # => Safe transition user state to "confirmed". We can make him admin!
Repo.update(new_user_changeset) # => Update manually

new_user = User.confirm!(user)  # => Or auto-transition user state to "confirmed". We can make him admin!

User.confirmed?(new_user) # => true
User.admin?(new_user) # => false
User.can_confirm?(new_user)    # => false
User.can_make_admin?(new_user) # => true

new_user = User.make_admin!(new_user)

User.admin?(new_user) # => true

## Custom column name

`ecto_as_state_machine` uses `state` database column by default. You can specify
`column` option to change it. Or additional column, like this:

``` elixir
defmodule User do
  use Web, :model
  use EctoAsStateMachine
  easm initial: :some,
    # bla-bla-bla
  easm column: :rules,
    # bla-bla-bla

## Contributions

1. Clone repo: `git clone`
1. Open directory `cd ecto_as_state_machine`
1. Install dependencies `mix deps.get`
1. Add feature
1. Test it: `mix test`

Once you've made your additions and mix test passes, go ahead and open a PR!

## Roadmap to 1.1

- [x] Cover by tests
- [x] Custom db column name
- [x] Validation method for changeset indicates its value in the correct range
- [x] Initial value
- [x] CI
- [x] Add status? methods
- [ ] Introduce it at elixir-radar and my blog
- [ ] Custom error messages for changeset (with translations by gettext ability)
- [x] Rely on last versions of ecto & elixir
- [x] Write dedicated module instead of requiring everything into the model
- [x] Write bang! methods which are raising exception instead of returning invalid changeset
- [ ] Rewrite spaghetti description in README

## License