# EctoUnixTimestamp

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A nimble Elixir library that provides a [`Ecto.Type`][ecto-type] for fields that come in as [**Unix timestamps**][unix-timestamp].

## Installation

defp deps do
    # ...,
    {:ecto_unix_timestamp, "~> 0.1.0"}

## Usage

Use this Ecto type in your schemas. You'll have to choose the **precision** of the Unix
timestamp, and the underlying database data type you want to *store* the data as.

schema "users" do
  field :created_at, EctoUnixTimestamp, unit: :second, underlying_type: :utc_datetime_usec

Once you have this, you can cast Unix timestamps:

import Ecto.Changeset

changeset = cast(%User{}, %{created_at: System.system_time(:second)}, [:created_at])

fetch_field!(changeset, :created_at)
#=> ~U[...] # a DateTime

## License

Released under the MIT license. See the [license file](LICENSE.txt).