eini-beam - An Erlang INI parser
This is just an INI parser. That's it. No state, no gen_servers, no ets tables,
just a parser that returns a map and does not convert strings into atoms.

You're probably looking for the original:


Input file:
  key = value
  key2 = value2
  key = value

Result form:
  #{ <<"title1">> => #{ <<"key">> => <<"value">>,
                        <<"key2">> => <<"value2">> },
     <<"title2">> => #{ <<"key">> => <<"value">> }

This is a fork to decruft the parser of things it doesn't need (supervision,
ETS, gen_server) and make it use maps and not convert to atoms. We renamed
the repo in 2021 so we could publish it to hex.

Copyright 2011 by Accense Technology, Inc.
Copyright 2018 by Mark R. Allen