# Eisegesis


## Introduction

A collection of tasks that help you install, update and teardown package managers
and other things useful for your dotfiles. It's something like a meta package
manager (package manager is the wrong word... still searching for a better one).

## Requirements

* Elixir

## Installation

Simple as running: `mix archive.install eisegesis x.x.x`
replacing `x.x.x` by the wanted version.

Or you can use our docker image:
`docker run --rm -it boostingtech/eisegesis <command>`

On the first run, docker will pull the image from docker hub!

You have a third option: download our binary, from releases pages!
Noticce that the binary option is only available for `unix` systems.

## How to use it

Create a `setup.toml` file as demonstrated in the [example file](

On this file you can speciffy which passenger you want to install and
pass options to it!

The available passengers are:

@passengers ["dotfiles", "repos", "yarn", "homebrew", "asdf", "shell"]

Eisegesis have 2 tasks: `up` and `down`:

* `up`: Setup, install and update your software
* `down`: Remove everything installed by Exogenesis

After that, you can run `eisegesis` as:

* `mix eise.up`
* `mix eise.down`

if you installed locally via mix

* `docker run --rm -it boostingtech/eisegesis <command>`

if you pulled the docker image

Or if you downloaded the binary:

* `eisegesis <command>`