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[ejabberd][im] is an open-source,
robust, scalable and extensible realtime platform built using [Erlang/OTP][erlang],
that includes [XMPP][xmpp] Server, [MQTT][mqtt] Broker and [SIP][sip] Service.

Check the features in [][im], [ejabberd Docs][features],
[ejabberd at ProcessOne][p1home], and the list of [supported protocols in ProcessOne][xeps]
and [][xmppej].


There are several ways to install ejabberd:

- Source code: compile yourself, see [COMPILE](
- Installers from [ProcessOne Download][p1download] or [ejabberd GitHub Releases][releases] (run/deb/rpm for x64 and arm64)
- Container image from [ejabberd Docker Hub][hubecs], see [ecs README][docker-ecs-readme] (for x64)
- Container image from [ejabberd Github Packages][packages], see [CONTAINER]( (for x64 and arm64)
- Using your [Operating System package][osp]
- Using the [Homebrew][homebrew] package manager


Please check the [ejabberd Docs][docs] website.

When compiling from source code, you can get some help with:

    ./configure --help
    make help

Once ejabberd is installed, try:

    ejabberdctl help
    man ejabberd.yml


Bug reports and features are tracked using [GitHub Issues][issues],
please check [CONTRIBUTING]( for details.

Translations can be improved online [using Weblate][weblate]
or in your local machine as explained in [Localization][localization].

Documentation for developers is available in [ejabberd docs: Developers][docs-dev].

Security reports or concerns should preferably be reported privately,
please send an email to the address: contact at process-one dot net
or some other method from [ProcessOne Contact][p1contact].

For commercial offering and support, including [ejabberd Business Edition][p1home]
and [Fluux (ejabberd in the Cloud)][fluux], please check [ProcessOne ejabberd page][p1home].


There are several places to get in touch with other ejabberd developers and administrators:

- ejabberd XMPP chatroom: [][muc]
- [Mailing list][list]
- [GitHub Discussions][discussions]
- [Stack Overflow][stackoverflow]


ejabberd is released under the GNU General Public License v2 (see [COPYING](,
and [ejabberd translations]( under MIT License.