# Elasticlunr S3


Elasticlunr S3 is a storage provider for use with Elasticlunr. The library is built for S3 integration and it also works well with any AWS S3 API compatible storage provider like [minio]( and the likes.

## Installation

The library can be installed by adding `elasticlunr_s3` to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:elasticlunr, "~> 0.6"},
    {:elasticlunr_s3, "~> 0.1"}

Documentation can be found at [](

## Usage

To configure your app to use the S3 provider:

import Config

config :elasticlunr,
  storage: Elasticlunr.Storage.S3

config :elasticlunr, Elasticlunr.Storage.S3,
  bucket: "elasticlunr",
  access_key_id: <AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID>,
  secret_access_key: <AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>,
  scheme: "http://", # optional
  host: "", # optional
  port: 9000 # optional

## License

Elasticlunr is released under the MIT License - see the [LICENSE]( file.