# ElixirAgi

An [Asterisk]( client for the [AGI](
protocol written in [Elixir]( For a quick introduction to AGI you can read [this](

This is similar to [PAGI]( for PHP, and
[erlagi]( for Erlang.


# Using it with Mix

To use it in your Mix projects, first add it as a dependency:

def deps do
  [{:elixir_agi, "~> 0.0.10"}]
Then run mix deps.get to install it.

Also add the app in your mix.exs file:
    applications: [:logger, :elixir_agi],


# Examples
See the [examples directory](


# AGI Commands

You can find the available AGI commands in the [AGI]( module.
Feel free to open a pull request to include new ones :) If you want to use a command that is not supported yet, you can
use the `run/3` function of the AGI module.


# Documentation

Feel free to take a look at the [documentation](
served by or the source itself to find more.


# License
The source code is released under Apache 2 License.

Check [LICENSE]( file for more information.