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# ElixirGoogleDriveApi

**Elixir Google Drive**

Elixir library to work files of Google Drive

## Setup

1. Use [this]( wizard to create or select a project in the Google Developers Console and automatically turn on the API. Click __Continue__, then __Go to credentials__.
2. On the __Add credentials to your project page__, create __Service account key__.
3. Select your project name as service account and __JSON__ as key format, download the created key and rename it to __client_secret.json__.
4. Press __Manage service accounts__ on a credential page, copy your __Service Account Identifier__: _[projectname]@[domain].iam.gserviceaccount.com_
5. Create or open existing __document__ on your __Google Drive__ and add __Service Account Identifier__ as user invited in __Collaboration Settings__.
6. Add `{:elixir_google_drive_api, "~> 0.3"}` to __mix.exs__ under `deps` function, add `:elixir_google_drive_api` in your application list.
7. Add __client_secret.json__ in your `config.exs` or other config file, like `dev.exs` or `prod.secret.exs`.
    config :goth,
        json: "./config/client_secret.json" |>!
8. Run `mix deps.get && mix deps.compile`.

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