# ElixirLokaliseApi

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Official Elixir interface for Lokalise APIv2.

## Quickstart

Add a new dependency to `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:elixir_lokalise_api, "~> 2.0"}

Put your Lokalise API token into `config.exs`:

config :elixir_lokalise_api, api_token: "LOKALISE_API_TOKEN"

If you are using ENV variables, use the following approach:

config :elixir_lokalise_api, api_token: {:system, "LOKALISE_API_TOKEN"}

Now you can perform API calls:

project_data = %{name: "Elixir", description: "Created via API"}
{:ok, project} = ElixirLokaliseApi.Projects.create(project_data) |> IO.puts # => "Elixir"

translation_data = %{
  data: "ZnI6...",
  filename: "sample.yml",
  lang_iso: "en"
{:ok, process} = ElixirLokaliseApi.Files.upload(project.project_id, data)

{:ok, process} = QueuedProcesses.find(project.project_id, process.process_id)

process.status |> IO.puts # => "finished"

## Documentation

All documentation and usage examples can be found at [](

Brief API reference is also available at [](

## Copyright and License

Licensed under the [BSD 3 Clause license](./

Copyright (c) 2022 Lokalise group and [Ilya Krukowski](