# A Make compiler for Mix

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This project provides a Mix compiler that makes it straight-forward to use makefiles in your Mix projects.

## Documentation

API documentation is available at [](

## Usage

The package can be installed by adding `elixir_make` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:elixir_make, "~> 0.4", runtime: false}]

Still in your `mix.exs` file, you will need to add `:elixir_make` to your list of compilers in `project/0`:

compilers: [:elixir_make] ++ Mix.compilers,

And that's it. The command above will invoke `make` for Unix, `nmake` for Windows and `gmake` for FreeBSD and OpenBSD. A "Makefile" file is expected at your project root for Unix systems and "" for Windows systems. Run `mix help compile.elixir_make` for more information and options.

## Publishing a package to

When publishing a package to using `elixir_make` requires you to add
any file (such as the Makefile and any source files) to the `files` option.
See [the hex docs](

  defp package do
      # ...
      files: [
        "lib", "LICENSE", "mix.exs", "", # These are the default files
        "src/*.[ch]", "Makefile"], # You will need to add something like this.
      # ...

## License

Same as Elixir.