![eliXPLANE logo](elixplane.png)

An X-Plane network client for Elixir [1]. So far you can

- Detect instances of X-Plane/ PlaneMaker running on the local network
- Load the closest available DataRef definitions included with the library [2] 
  for a specific X-Plane version.
- Request a list of DataRefs to be sent to you at specified frequencies

I'm continuing to work on the data and command modules at the moment so that we can set 
writeable Data Refs or send commands to X-Plane. With this in place users should be able
to drive X-Plane from their own hardware, write autopilots etc.

  iex> XPlane.Instance.start
  {:ok, #PID<0.154.0>} 
  iex> [xp] = XPlane.Instance.list
      addr: "",
      computer_name: "Similitude",
      host: :xplane,
      ip: {192, 168, 0, 22},
      major_version: 1,
      minor_version: 1,
      port: 49000,
      role: :master,
      seconds_since_seen: 1,
      version_number: 105101
  iex> drefs = XPlane.DataRef.load_version(105000)
  iex> drefs |> XPlane.DataRef.describe(~r/flightmodel_position_l/)
  flightmodel_position_local_ax            The acceleration in local OGL coordinates (mtr/sec2, writable)
  flightmodel_position_latitude            The latitude of the aircraft (degrees)
  flightmodel_position_longitude           The longitude of the aircraft (degrees)
  flightmodel_position_local_vx            The velocity in local OGL coordinates (mtr/sec, writable)
  flightmodel_position_local_ay            The acceleration in local OGL coordinates (mtr/sec2, writable)

  iex> crefs = XPlane.CmdRef.load_version(105000)
  iex> crefs |> XPlane.CmdRef.describe(~r/throttle/)
  autopilot_autothrottle_off               Autopilot auto-throttle off.
  autopilot_autothrottle_on                Autopilot auto-throttle on.
  autopilot_autothrottle_toggle            Autopilot auto-throttle toggle.
  engines_throttle_down                    Throttle down a bit.
  iex> XPlane.Data.start(xp)
  {:ok, #PID<0.157.0>} 
  iex> XPlane.Data.request_updates(xp, [
  ...> flightmodel_position_elevation: 1,
  ...> flightmodel_position_longitude: 1,
  ...> flightmodel_position_latitude: 1])
  iex> XPlane.Data.latest_updates(xp, [
  ...> :flightmodel_position_elevation,
  ...> :flightmodel_position_longitude,
  ...> :flightmodel_position_latitude])
    flightmodel_position_elevation: 17.584819793701172,
    flightmodel_position_latitude: -31.069093704223633,
    flightmodel_position_longitude: 152.76556396484375
  iex> XPlane.Data.stop(xp)
  iex> XPlane.Instance.stop
1. Currently assumes that X-Plane and Elixir are running on platforms with the same
endian byte order.

2. I confirmed with X-Plane that it's ok to redistribute the DataRef files: