Simple EOSRPC Wrapper for Elixir. 
Based on [EOS RPC Official Docs](

## Installation

def deps do
    {:eosrpc, "~> 0.1.1-beta"}

You need to setup the Chain and Wallet URLs. This is the default configuration:

config :eosrpc, EOSRPC.Wallet,
  url: ""

config :eosrpc, EOSRPC.Chain,
  url: ""

## Examples

Autosigning and pushing a transaction. 

actions = [
    account: "eosio.token",
    authorization: [%{actor: "eosio.token", permission: "active"}],
    data: %{issuer: "eosio", max_supply: "10000.00 LEO"},
    name: "create"


Creating a new account `leo` under the owner `eosio`

EOSRPC.Helper.new_account("eosio", "leo", "EOS_OWNER_PUB_KEY", "EOS_ACTIVE_PUB_KEY")

All of the EOSRPC APIs are in `EOSRPC.Wallet` and `EOSRPC.Chain`

For complete transactions signature and submission flow examples check `EOSRPC.Helper`

## License

This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License - see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details