Erlang SVG library

Copyright (c) 2012, Dmitry Kolesnikov

   This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0 as published by


   The library provides interface to render SVG graphics from Erlang 
application. The current version targets server-side rendering use-cases
with help of ImageMagic command line tool 'convert'. The library internal
uses xmerl for XML output.

Compile and build
   git clone
   cd svg

Supported features

   The following features are supported by current library release
See SVG specification for detailed 
features descriptions.

   * SVG version 1.1
   * styling using presentation attributes
      - font properties
      - text properties
      - other visual properties
   * grouping element 'g'
   * 'path' element
      - absolute line-to primitive
      - absolute Bezier curve primitive
      - closepath primitive
   * 'rect' element
   * 'circle' element
   * 'ellipse' element
   * 'text' element
      - font styling
      - basic text draw at defined point
   * 'defs' element 
   * 'line' element
   * 'polyline' element

Feature backlog

   The following features to be supported in following releases

   * 'symbol' element
   * 'use' element  
   * styling
      - gradient, patterns
      - 'style' element (css styling)
   * 'path' element
      - quadratic Bezier curve
      - elliptical arc
   * 'text' element
      - list of coordinates to 'x', 'y' attributes
      - inner 'tspan' element
      - shift the current text position {dx, dy}
      - layout feature
      - 'textPath' element
   * 'image' element
   * common attributes: 'id', 'class'
   * coordinate system, transform
   * clipping, masking, filtering
   * 'color-profile' element

Not supported features

   The following features is nice-to-have but they are not required
for server side rending use-cases.

   * xsl styling
   * svg metadata: 'desc', 'title'
   * 'switch' element (conditional processing)
   * 'path' element
      - horizontal line-to primitive
      - vertical line-to primitive
   * text
      - 'altGlyph', 'altGlyphDef', 'altGlyphItem', 'glyphRef' elements
   * 'cursor' element
   * animation

Interface and examples

   See src/svg.erl for api specification
   See test/svg_test.erl for api example