# Elixir Asterisk Management Interface

An Elixir port of the Erlang Asterisk Manager Interface [erlami]( project.

This version creates a new AMI connection for each call originated, allowing concurrent dialing.

## Configuration

#### Elixir Project

Add the following to `config/config.exs`

config :ex_ami,
  servers: [
    {:asterisk, [
      {:connection, {ExAmi.TcpConnection, [
        {:host, ""}, {:port, 5038}
      {:username, "username"},
      {:secret, "secret"}
    ]} ]

#### Asterisk

Add the username and secret credentials to `manager.conf`

## Installation

Add ex_ami to your `mix.exs` dependencies and start the application:

  def application do
    [mod: {MyProject, []},
    applications: [:ex_ami]]

  defp deps do
    [{:ex_ami, "~> 0.2"}]

## Example

### Listen To All Events

Use the `ExAmi.Client.register_listener/2` function to register an event listener.

The second argument to `ExAmi.Client.register_listener` is the tuple {callback, predicate} where:
* `callback` is a function of arity 2 that is called with the server name and the event if the predicate returns true
* `predicate` is a function that is called with the event. Use this function to test the event, returning false/nil if the event should be ignored.

defmodule MyModule do
  def callback(server, event) do
    IO.puts "name: #{inspect server}, event: #{inspect event}"

  def start_listening do
    ExAmi.Client.register_listener :asterisk, {&MyModule.callback/2, fn(_) -> true end}

### Originate Call
defmodule MyDialer do

  def dial(server_name, channel, extension, context \\ "from-internal",
        priority \\ "1", variables \\ []) do

    ExAmi.Client.Originate.dial(server_name, channel,
      {context, extension, priority},
      variables, &__MODULE__.response_callback/2)
  def response_callback(response, events) do
    IO.puts "***************************"
    IO.puts ExAmi.Message.format_log(response)
    Enum.each events, fn(event) ->
      IO.puts ExAmi.Message.format_log(event)
    IO.puts "***************************"


To originate a 3rd party call from extensions 100 to 101:

iex> MyDialer.dial(:asterisk, "SIP/100", "101")

## Trouble Shooting

* Ensure you start the ex_ami application in your mix.exs file as described above
* Enusre you setup the ex_ami configuration with the correct credentials
* Enusre you setup the credentials for the AMI connection in Asterisk

## License

ex_ami is Copyright (c) 2015-2017 E-MetroTel

The source code is released under the MIT License.

Check [LICENSE](LICENSE) for more information.