# Number and Currency Localization and Formatting
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## Introduction and Getting Started

`ex_cldr_numbers` is an addon library application for [ex_cldr]( that provides localisation and formatting for numbers and currencies.

The primary api is `Cldr.Number.to_string/2`.  The following examples demonstrate:

iex> Cldr.Number.to_string 12345
{:ok, "12,345"}

iex> Cldr.Number.to_string 12345, locale: "fr"
{:ok, "12 345"}

iex> Cldr.Number.to_string 12345, locale: "fr", currency: "USD"
{:ok, "12 345,00 $US"}

iex> Cldr.Number.to_string 12345, format: "#E0"
{:ok, "1.2345E4"}

For help in `iex`:

iex> h Cldr.Date.to_string
iex> h Cldr.Time.to_string
iex> h Cldr.DateTime.to_string
iex> h Cldr.DateTime.Relative.to_string
## Documentation

Primary documentation is available on [as part of the ex_cldr documentation on hex](

## Known restrictions and limitations

## Installation

Note that `:ex_numbers` requires Elixir 1.5 or later.

Add `ex_cldr_numbers` as a dependency to your `mix` project:

    defp deps do
        {:ex_cldr_numbers, "~> 0.1.0"}

then retrieve `ex_cldr_numbers` from [hex](

    mix deps.get
    mix deps.compile