An Elixir client for Eve Online's Swagger Interface (ESI).

This is a up-to-date fork of [the original authors great work](, but due to no recent updates I felt forced to fork it, so that I could use it - feel free to use it :)

## Installation

Install from [](

def deps do
  [{:ex_esi, "~> 0.1"}]

## Documentation

Documentation is available at <>.

## Synopsis

This package uses the ESI Swagger Specification as published by CCP
Games---plus some custom rules---to generate an Elixir API that
(hopefully) feels more hand-written than code-generated.

You can see what version of the ESI Swagger Specification was used by running:

``` elixir
# => "0.7.5"

API functions are available in modules under `ESI.API`. The module grouping is close to,
but not the same as, [the ESI site](, staying more in-line
with the URL used for the specific function.

> Note: Module organization may change for the v1.0 release.

### Basic Usage

API functions return an `ESI.Request.t` which can then be processed by passing to
`ESI.request` or `ESI.request!`:

|> ESI.request
# => {:ok, result}

|> ESI.request!
# => result

Automatic pagination is also supported if you use `!` instead:

``` elixir
|> Enum.take(3)

### Authorization

Currently, pass the `:token` option for those API functions that use

> In the future, `ESI.request`, `ESI.request!`, and `!` will
> support headers passed as arguments and/or loaded from application
> configuration.

## Development

Download ESI's `swagger.json` to `priv/`

Then run:

$ rm lib/esi/api.ex lib/esi/api/*.ex
$ mix esi.generate

If you are using Elixir version 1.6.0 or above, format the code that was generated with:

$ mix format


- Make sure any new modules/functions look like they're named correctly. If they're
  not, see the renaming functions in `ESI.Generator.Function`.
- Update the `` with the current ESI Swagger Specification version number
  in the code example.

## Contributing

Issues and PRs welcome via the project repository at

## License


Please note this package is not supported or endorsed by Eve
Online/CCP Games. It's merely a utility created by an enthusiastic