# ExFactor

ExFactor is a refactoring helper. Given a module, function name, and arity, it will locate all uses of
that function, change the callers to a new module and/or function name, and move the function from the original location
to a new file/module. At this time, ExFactor cannot change the function arity.

## BETA Warning

ExFactor is still in active development and the API can and may change frequently!

Use at your peril, _for now._

### Example
 mix ex_factor --module TestModule.Here --function my_func --arity 1 --target NewModule.Test

## Roadmap TODONE
  - [X] Write a mix task to invoke the Refactorer
  - [X] dry-run option
  - [X] CLI output, list files changed and created.
  - [X] format changes
  - [X] github actions, run test suite
  - [X] Add Mix.Task tests
  - [X] Add CLI tests
  - [X] Add and configure CHANGELOG tracking.

## Roadmap TODO

  - [] Add test for one file containing more than one `defmodule`
  - [] Add test for nested defmodules.
  - [] How does this work with macro code? Does that even make sense as a case to handle?
  - [] Update .exs files too?
  - [] update test file refs by CLI option
  - [] Write tests to ensure we can find modules across umbrella apps.
  - [] Add configuration hooks?
  - [] find dead functions
  - [] find module attrs and also move them?
  - [] find types referenced in the moved specs
  - [] find private functions references in refactored fn bodies.
  - [] ElixirLS integration for VSCode?
  - [] Write the module code to rename usages of the refactored function

## Updates

  See [](

  Using [changex]( to track changes.

### changex usage:

    `mix changex.update --github ckochx/ex_factor`

## Installation

[Hex](, the package can be installed
by adding `ex_factor` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:ex_factor, "~> 0.3", only: [:dev]}

Documentation is published on [HexDocs]( The docs can
be found at [](

Alternate name:
  REFACTORY, just in case.

## License

  See [LICENSE](