# ExFormat

ExFormat formats Elixir source code according to a standard set of rules based on the [elixir-style-guide]( It tries its best to accommodate the user's intent by preserving intended layout and syntax.

Note: ExFormat is in alpha.

## Requirements

- Erlang/OTP 20
- Mix v1.5.1

## Installation

As ExFormat works best with the unreleased Elixir v1.6, it is recommended to download the prebuilt escript (which embeds Elixir v1.6 in itself) and run it as an executable.

mix escript.install

If you haven't done so already, consider adding `~/.mix/escripts` directory to your `PATH` environment variable.

## Usage

# Change directory to your Elixir project
cd to/your/elixir/project

# Formats all files that match each wildcard
ex_format lib/**/*.ex config/**/*.exs