# Hash Ring

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A pure Elixir consistent hash ring implemention based on the excellent [C hash-ring lib](
by [Chris Moos](

The hashring provides fast lookup, but ring creation isn't optimized (though it's not slow). It deliberately does not provide encapsulation
within a `GenServer` and leaves that up to the user. At [Discord]( we found using a `GenServer` for such
frequently accessed data proved to be overwhelming so we rewrote the hash ring in pure Elixir and paired it with
[FastGlobal]( to allow the calling process to use it's CPU time to interact with
the hash ring and therefore avoiding overloading a central GenServer.

## Usage

Add it to `mix.exs`.

defp deps do
  [{:ex_hash_ring, "~> 3.0"}]

Create a new HashRing.

alias ExHashRing.HashRing

ring =
{:ok, ring} = HashRing.add_node(ring, "a")
{:ok, ring} = HashRing.add_node(ring, "b")

Find the node for a key.

"a" = HashRing.find_node(ring, "key1")
"b" = HashRing.find_node(ring, "key3")

Additionally, you can also use `ExHashRing.HashRing.ETS`, which holds the ring in an ETS table for fast access, if you need
the ring across multiple processes.

{:ok, pid} = HashRing.ETS.start_link(TheRing)
{:ok, _nodes} = HashRing.ETS.add_node(pid, "a")
{:ok, _nodes} = HashRing.ETS.add_node(pid, "b")

And then find a node for a key, using the ETS name provided:

"a" = HashRing.ETS.find_node(TheRing, "key1")
"b" = HashRing.ETS.find_node(TheRing, "key3")

## License

Hash Ring is released under [the MIT License](LICENSE).
Check [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for more information.