# ExJira

Elixir wrapper for the JIRA REST API as outlined [here](

Still in development. POST has not been tested. Need remainder of resources implemented. Contributions welcome!

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## Installation

ExJira can be installed by adding `ex_jira` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:ex_jira, "~> 0.0.5"}]

## Configuration

ExJira requires three application variables. Add the following variables to your config.exs file (this example retrieves those variables from environment variables):

config :ex_jira,
  account: System.get_env("JIRA_ACCOUNT"),
  username: System.get_env("JIRA_USERNAME"),
  password: System.get_env("JIRA_PASSWORD")

The HTTPotion timeout value is configurable by the optional `timeout` application variable, which defaults to 30_000 (30 seconds) when not set:

config :ex_jira,
  timeout: 60_000

For testing purposes, you can override the HTTP client that ExJira uses via the following application variable:

config :ex_jira,
  http_client: ExJira.MockClient

## Usage

### Dashboard

{:ok, dashboards} = ExJira.Dashboard.all()
{:ok, dashboards} = ExJira.Dashboard.all(filter: "favourite")
dashboards = ExJira.Dashboard.all!()
dashboards = ExJira.Dashboard.all!(filter: "favourite")

### Project

{:ok, projects} = ExJira.Project.all()
{:ok, projects} = ExJira.Project.all(expand: "description,url")
projects = ExJira.Project.all!()
projects = ExJira.Project.all!(expand: "description,url")

{:ok, project} = ExJira.Project.get("1001")
{:ok, project} = ExJira.Project.get("1001", expand: "description,url")
project = ExJira.Project.get!("1001")
project = ExJira.Project.get!("1001", expand: "description,url")

{:ok, issues} = ExJira.Project.get_issues("1001")
{:ok, issues} = ExJira.Project.get_issues("1001", expand: "operations")
issues = ExJira.Project.get_issues!("1001")
issues = ExJira.Project.get_issues!("1001", expand: "operations")

Raw requests to Jira for resources that are not yet implemented can be made like this:

{:ok, dashboards} = ExJira.Request.get_one("/dashboard","filter=favourite")
{:ok, ret} ="/project", "", "{\"name\":\"test\"}")

Docs can be found at [](