# ExKucoin

KuCoin API client for Elixir.

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## Installation

List the Hex package in your application dependencies.

def deps do
  [{:ex_kucoin, "~> 0.1.0"}]

Run `mix deps.get` to install.

## Configuration

Static API Key is the key you setup once and would never change. And this is what we need for most cases.

Add the following configuration variables in your config/config.exs file:

use Mix.Config

config :ex_kucoin, api_key:        {:system, "KUCOIN_API_KEY"},
                 api_secret:     {:system, "KUCOIN_API_SECRET"},
                 api_passphrase: {:system, "KUCOIN_API_PASSPHRASE"}

Alternatively to hard coding credentials, the recommended approach is
to use environment variables as follows:

use Mix.Config

config :ex_kucoin, api_key:        System.get_env("KUCOIN_API_KEY"),
                 api_secret:     System.get_env("KUCOIN_API_SECRET"),
                 api_passphrase: System.get_env("KUCOIN_API_PASSPHRASE")

#### Websocket

During the setup you can pass the access keys as argument. Ex:

defmodule WsWrapper do
  @moduledoc false

  require Logger
  use ExKucoin.WebSocket

## Usage


## License