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Elixir Microsoft Bot Framework Client

This library provides Elixir API wrapper for the Microsoft Bot Framework and handles authentication and token management.

## Documentation

API documentation is available at [](

## Installation

1. Add `ex_microsoftbot` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:ex_microsoftbot, "~> 3.0.0"}]

2. Add the registered bot app id and app password in your config:

config :ex_microsoftbot,
  app_id: "BOT_APP_ID",
  app_password: "BOT_APP_PASSWORD"

3. Start the `ex_microsoftbot`:

def application do
  [applications: [:ex_microsoftbot]]

## Usage

The main functionality is provided by three main modules that match each of the corresponding API endpoints of the Microsoft Bot Framework:

* `ExMicrosoftBot.Client.Attachments`,
* `ExMicrosoftBot.Client.Conversations`
* `ExMicrosoftBot.Client.Teams`

Example usage:

alias ExMicrosoftBot.Client.Conversations

def reply(activity = %Activity{}) do
  text = "Hello, world!"

  resp_activity =
      type: "message",
      conversation: activity.conversation,
      recipient: activity.from,
      from: activity.recipient,
      text: text


## Config

In addition to the required auth configs mentioned in [Installation](#installation), there are a few more options available to customize this lib:

config :ex_microsoftbot,
  using_bot_emulator: false,
  scope: "",
  http_client_opts: nil

#### `using_bot_emulator`

Default `false`. Set this to `true` to disable the auth token manager, and instead use a fake auth token in all requests.

#### `scope`

Default `""`. This sets the scope used when authorizing with the BotFramework.

#### `http_client_opts`

This is passed on each request to the underlying HTTP client, [HTTPoison]( See the `:options` key [in their docs here]( for all available options.

##### Connection Pools

This is currently undocumented in the link above, but HTTPoison allows [specifying a connection pool]( and other `:hackney` options via the `:hackney` atom in the HTTP options. For example, to configure this library to use the `:bot_framework` dedicated pool:

config :ex_microsoft_bot,
  http_client_opts: [
    hackney: [pool: :bot_framework]