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An Elixir library for working with [Openpay](

* manage customers [ExOpenpay.Customers](
* manage tokens for credit card and bank account [ExOpenpay.Cards](
* manage/capture charges with or without an existing Customer [ExOpenpay.Charges](

## Openpay API

Works with API version 2017-11-24

## Usage

Install the dependency:

{:ex_openpay, "~> 0.1.1"}

Next, add to your applications:

defp application do
  extra_applications: [:ex_openpay]

## Configuration

To make API calls, it is necessary to configure your Openpay Api Key and your Merchant ID

use Mix.Config

config :ex_openpay, api_key: "YOUR API KEY"
config :ex_openpay, merchant_id: "YOUR MERCHANT ID"

To customize the underlying HTTPoison library, you may optionally add an `:httpoison_options` key to the ex_openpay configuration.  For a full list of configuration options, please refer to the [HTTPoison documentation](

config :ex_openpay, httpoison_options: [timeout: 10000, recv_timeout: 10000, proxy: {"", 8080}]

## Testing
If you start contributing and you want to run mix test, first you need to export OPENPAY_API_KEY and OPENPAY_MERCHANT_ID environment variables in the same shell as the one you will be running mix test in. All tests have the @tag disabled: false and the test runner is configured to ignore disabled: true. This helps to turn tests on/off when working in them. Most of the tests depends on the order of execution (test random seed = 0) to minimize runtime. I've tried having each tests isolated but this made it take ~10 times longer.

export OPENPAY_API_KEY="yourkey"
export OPENPAY_MERCHANT_ID="yourmerchantid"
mix test

## The API

I've tried to make the API somewhat comprehensive and intuitive. If you'd like to see things in detail be sure to have a look at the tests - they show (generally) the way the API goes together.

In general, if Openpay requires some information for a given API call, you'll find that as part of the arity of the given function. For instance if you want to delete a Customer, you'll find that you *must* pass the id along:

{:ok, result} = ExOpenpay.Customers.delete "some_id"

## Authors

* Yamil Díaz Aguirre (<>)

## Contributing

Feedback, feature requests, and fixes are welcomed and encouraged.  Please make appropriate use of [Issues]( and [Pull Requests](  All code should have accompanying tests.

## License

Please see [LICENSE](LICENSE) for licensing details.

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