# ExPaint

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ExPaint is a simple 2D rasterizer, based (for now, at least) on the [egd]( library.
Available primitives include lines, rectangles, arcs, polygons, and simple bitmap font support. Dumping of the
resulting bitmap is supported in a few forms, including a 4-bit greyscale format as used by devices such as [SSD1322
based OLED displays](

The library leans heavily on egd for now, but the eventual intent is to implement an optimized retained mode backing
store using something like a piece table of binaries to provide performant compositing / dumping.

## Usage

alias ExPaint.{Font, Color}

{:ok, image} = ExPaint.create(128, 64)
font = Font.load("Helvetica20")


ExPaint.text(image, {10, 30}, font, "Hello World",
ExPaint.filled_rect(image, {10, 10}, {20,20}, %Color{r: 230, g: 12, b: 34})
ExPaint.filled_ellipse(image, {50, 10}, {20,20}, %Color{r: 12, g: 12, b: 230})
ExPaint.filled_triangle(image, {90, 30}, {100, 10}, {110, 30}, %Color{r: 230, g: 230, b: 34})

# Write to a png
{:ok, png_data} = ExPaint.render(image, ExPaint.PNGRasterizer)
File.write("foo.png", png_data)

# If you're in iTerm, display inline
ExPaint.render(image, ExPaint.InlineRasterizer)

# If you're pairing with
{:ok, four_bit_data} = ExPaint.render(image, ExPaint.FourBitGreyscaleRasterizer)
SSD1322.draw(session, four_bit_data)

will render the following image:


## Installation

This package can be installed by adding `ex_paint` and `egd` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:ex_paint, "~> 0.2.0"},
    {:egd, github: "erlang/egd"}

Docs can be found at [](

## Credits

For ease of installation, this package includes the contents of [this collection of
fonts]( in the `/priv/fonts/` folder.