# ExParsec

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A parser combinator library inspired by Parsec.

## Usage

Add ExParsec as a dependency in your `mix.exs` file:

def deps do
  [ {:ex_parsec, "~> x.y.z"} ]

Replace `x.y.z` with whatever released version you would like to depend on.

After you are done, run `mix deps.get` in your shell to fetch and compile
ExParsec. Start an interactive Elixir shell with `iex -S mix`.

iex> import ExParsec.Base; import ExParsec.Text
iex> ExParsec.parse_value "foo", many(any_char())
{:ok, nil, ["f", "o", "o"]}
iex> ExParsec.parse_value "[x]", between(char("["), char("x"), char("]"))
{:ok, nil, "x"}
iex> ExParsec.parse_value "  spa ces  ",
                                    times(any_char(), 3),
                                    times(any_char(), 3),
{:ok, nil, [nil, ["s", "p", "a"], nil, ["c", "e", "s"], nil, nil]}

## Features

* Can parse context-sensitive grammars.
* High-quality, customizable error messages.
* Full UTF-8 string support.
* Non-text input such as binary data and tokens.
* Support for theoretically infinitely large files.
* Monadic parse blocks based on Elixir macros.
* Simple, extensible API surface.

## Examples