# ExUnitRelease

Run ExUnit tests from an Elixir OTP Release.

## Including tests

`ExUnitRelease` allows you to package and run ExUnit tests with an Elixir
generated OTP release. ExUnitRelease works with Elixir generated OTP releases
and not `Distillery`.

To learn more about how to configure your project to use Elixir releases see
the [docs]( Ensure that you have run
`mix release.init` to generate the `rel` directory and some basic release
config files.

Add `:ex_unit_release` to your dependencies:

{:ex_unit_release, "~> 0.1", only: :test}

In this example, we limit the dependency to only `:test`, but you could include
it for all environments. This is useful if you want to use ExUnit test results
as a means of performing recovery actions.

The tests that you run at runtime will likely differ from the tests that you
would run at compile time. Therefore, the default location of the tests to be
included are at `rel/test`. You can generate the initial files by running

MIX_ENV=test mix ex_unit_release.init

Test files need to be included in the release so they are available at runtime.
To include test files, you need to add `&ExUnitRelease.include/1` to your
release steps. Here is an example of how to include these tests when the release
is being built for the test env:

def project do
    app: my_app,
    version: "0.1.0",
    elixir: "~> 1.9",
    # ...
    releases: [
      my_app: [
        steps: [:assemble] ++ ex_unit_release(Mix.env)

defp ex_unit_release(:test),
  do: [&ExUnitRelease.include/1]

defp ex_unit_release(_),
  do: []

## Running tests

ExUnitRelease tests can be run by calling `` at runtime.
Any options passed to this command will be sent to `ExUnit.configure/1`.

 {"\e[32m.\e[0m\n\nFinished in 0.1 seconds\n\e[32m1 test, 0 failures\e[0m\n\nRandomized with seed 262631\n",
  %{excluded: 0, failures: 0, skipped: 0, total: 1}}}