# ExVictorOps

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Gain access to your favorite On-Call management tool from your favorite language. ExVictorOps lets
you program against the [VictorOps]( API to make On-Call suck even less by integrating it into the
programs you're already using.

## Installation

ExVictorOps is currently very beta software. You can install it from Hex:

    def deps do
        { :ex_victor_ops, "~> 0.2.0" }

Or from GitHub:

    def deps do
        { :ex_victor_ops, "cagedata/ex_victor_ops" }

And then ensure that it starts up before you application:

    def application do
      [applications: [:ex_victor_ops]]

## Configuration

You will need to set the following configuration variables in your `config/config.exs` file:

    use Mix.Config

    config :ex_victor_ops, api_id: "YOUR_API_ID",
                           api_key: "YOU_API_KEY"

To find your API key and ID open the [VictorOps Portal]( and navigate to Settings -> API.

## Usage

ExVictorOps will come with modules to support each of the [VictorOps API endpoints](

### On-Call

`ExVictorOps.OnCall` give access to user and team on-call schedules:

    # Get a team's on-call schedule
    ExVictorOps.OnCall.get_team "support"
    # => %ExVictorOps.Entities.OnCall{...}

    # Get today's on-call schedule for a team
    ExVictorOps.OnCall.get_team "support", %{days_forward: 0}
    # => %ExVictorOps.Entities.OnCall{...}

    # Get a user's on-call schedule:
    ExVictorOps.OnCall.get_user "davejlong"
    # => [%ExVictorOps.Entities.OnCall{...}]

## Contibuting

See [](CONTIBUTING.MD) for contribution guidelines.

## License

ExVictorOps is licensed under the MIT license. For more details, see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file at the root of the repository. ExVictorOps depends on various libraries which have their own licenses.

VictorOps is trademark of VictorOps, Inc.