# ExWebRTCDashboard

[![API Docs](](

[ExWebRTC]( statistics visualization for the [Phoenix LiveDashboard](

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  <img src="" alt="ExWebRTC Dashboard" />

## Installation

1. Enable `LiveDashboard` by following these [instructions](
In most cases you can skip this step as `Phoenix` comes with `LiveDashboard` enabled by default.

2. Add `:ex_webrtc_dashboard` to your list of dependencies

def deps do
    {:ex_webrtc_dashboard, "~> 0.2.0"}

3. Add `ExWebRTCDashboard` as an additional `LiveDashboard` page

live_dashboard "/dashboard",
  additional_pages: [exwebrtc: ExWebRTCDashboard]

That's it!
`ExWebRTCDashboard` will automatically discover all of your peer connections and visualize their statistics.