# ExfileImagemagick

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An [ImageMagick]( file processor suite for [Exfile](

## Requirements

* A working ImageMagick installation. `identify` and `convert` must be in the
  `PATH` of the running environment.
* Elixir `~> 1.2.0`

## Installation

  1. Add exfile_imagemagick to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

        def deps do
          [{:exfile_imagemagick, "~> 0.1.5"}]

  2. Ensure exfile_imagemagick is started before your application:

        def application do
          [applications: [:exfile_imagemagick]]

## Usage

`exfile_imagemagick` automatically registers 4 processors:

* `convert`
* `fill`
* `limit`
* `metadata`

## Optional GraphicsMagick Configuration

Instead of ImageMagick you may optionally choose [GraphicsMagick]( as image processor.

In `config.exs`:

config :exfile_imagemagick, image_processor: :graphicsmagick

You also need to ensure that `GM` binary is in your environment's `PATH`.

See `ExfileImagemagick.Config` for defaults.