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# exfmt 🌸

> `exfmt` is in alpha.  If you run into any problems, please
> [report them][issues].
> **The format produced by exfmt will change significantly before the 1.0.0
> release.**  If this will cause problems for you, please refrain from using
> exfmt during the alpha- and beta-test periods.

`exfmt` is inspired by Aaron VonderHaar's [elm-format][elm-format], and aims
to formats [Elixir][elixir] source code largely according to the standards
defined in Aleksei Magusev's [Elixir Style Guide][style-guide].

# exfmt takes any Elixir code...

defmodule MyApp, do: (
    use( SomeLib )
    def run( data ), do: {

# and rewrites it in a clean and idiomatic style:

defmodule MyApp do
  use SomeLib

  def run(data) do
    {:ok, data}

The benefits of `exfmt`:

 - It makes code **easier to write**, because you never have to worry about
   minor formatting concerns while powering out new code.
 - It makes code **easier to read**, because there are no longer distracting
   minor stylistic differences between different code bases. As such, your
   brain can map more efficiently from source to mental model.
 - It makes code **easier to maintain**, because you can no longer have diffs
   related only to formatting; every diff necessarily involves a material
 - It **saves your team time** debating how to format things, because there is
   a standard tool that formats everything the same way.
 - It **saves you time** because you don't have to nitpick over formatting
   details of your code.


## Contents

- [Usage](#usage)
- [Editor Integration](#editor-integration)
  - [Atom](#atom)
  - [Vim](#vim)
  - [VS Code](#visual-studio-code)
- [Development](#development)

## Usage

# Preview the exfmt formatting of an Elixir source file
mix exfmt path/to/file.ex

## Editor integration

### Atom

Atom users can install Ron Green's [exfmt-atom][exfmt-atom] package.


### Vim

Vim users can use exfmt with Steve Dignam's [Neoformat][neoformat].


Once installed the following config will enable formatting of the current
Elixir buffer using `:Neoformat`. For further instructions, please reference
the Neoformat documentation.

let g:neoformat_elixir_exfmt = {
  \ 'exe': 'mix',
  \ 'args': ['exfmt', '--stdin'],
  \ 'stdin': 1
  \ }

let g:neoformat_enabled_elixir = ['exfmt']

### Visual Studio Code

VSCode users can use exfmt with James Hrisho's [vscode-exfmt][vscode-exfmt] package.


## Development

`exfmt` is an open project, contributions are very much welcomed. If you have
feedback or have found a bug, please open [an issue][issues]. If you wish to
make a code contribution please open a [pull request][prs], though for larger
code changes it may be good to open an issue first so we can work out the best
way to move forward.

Please note that this project is released with a [Contributor Code of
Conduct]( By participating in this project you agree to
abide by its terms.

# Install the deps
mix deps.get

# Run the tests
mix test

# Run the tests when files change

# Run the type checker
mix dialyzer