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# exfmt 🌸

> `exfmt` is in alpha.  If you run into any problems, please
> [report them][issues].
> **The format produced by exfmt will change significantly before the 1.0.0
> release.**  If this will cause problems for you, please refrain from using
> exfmt during the alpha- and beta-test periods.


`exfmt` is inspired by Aaron VonderHaar's [elm-format][elm-format], and aims
to format [Elixir][elixir] source code largely according to the standards
defined in Aleksei Magusev's [Elixir Style Guide][style-guide].

# exfmt takes any Elixir code...

defmodule MyApp, do: (
    use( SomeLib )
    def run( data ), do: {

# and rewrites it in a clean and idiomatic style:

defmodule MyApp do
  use SomeLib

  def run(data) do
    {:ok, data}

The benefits of `exfmt`:

 - It makes code **easier to write**, because you never have to worry about
   minor formatting concerns while powering out new code.
 - It makes code **easier to read**, because there are no longer distracting
   minor stylistic differences between different code bases. As such, your
   brain can map more efficiently from source to mental model.
 - It makes code **easier to maintain**, because you can no longer have diffs
   related only to formatting; every diff necessarily involves a material
 - It **saves your team time** debating how to format things, because there is
   a standard tool that formats everything the same way.
 - It **saves you time** because you don't have to nitpick over formatting
   details of your code.


## Contents

- [Usage](#usage)
- [Editor Integration](#editor-integration)
  - [Atom](#atom)
  - [Vim](#vim)
  - [VS Code](#visual-studio-code)
- [Development](#development)

## Usage

# Preview the exfmt formatting of an Elixir source file
mix exfmt path/to/file.ex

## Editor integration

### Atom

Atom users can install Ron Green's [exfmt-atom][exfmt-atom] package.


### Vim

Vim users can use exfmt with Steve Dignam's [Neoformat][neoformat].


Once installed the following config will enable formatting of the current
Elixir buffer using `:Neoformat`. For further instructions, please reference
the Neoformat documentation.

let g:neoformat_elixir_exfmt = {
  \ 'exe': 'mix',
  \ 'args': ['exfmt', '--stdin'],
  \ 'stdin': 1
  \ }

let g:neoformat_enabled_elixir = ['exfmt']

### Visual Studio Code

VSCode users can use exfmt with James Hrisho's [vscode-exfmt][vscode-exfmt] package.