# Expublish

Automate [SemVer]( and best practices for elixir package releases.

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## Installation

Add `:expublish` to your dev dependencies in `mix.exs`:

{:expublish, "~> 2.3", only: [:dev]}

Create a `` in the root folder of your project. It must contain a placeholder:

<!-- %% CHANGELOG_ENTRIES %% -->

Do not keep track of the release file. Put the following line in your `.gitignore`:


The file is deleted after every successful release.

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## Usage

1\. Create a new `` containing the new changelog entry:

$ echo "- changelog entry one\n- changelog entry two" >

2\. Run one of `mix expublish.(major|minor|patch)`:

$ mix expublish.minor

## About

Releasing a new package version can be a swift task, but doing it right usually requires
some manual steps that are easy to forget or mess up. Expublish provides a mix task that
guarantees a clean and functioning project state before it performs the steps required to
release a new package version.

Using `mix expublish` guarantees:

- A clean git working directory
- Passing tests
- Increased version in mix.exs
- A new changelog entry
- A new version git commit and tag

Expublish was built with a continuous release process in mind. It's straight forward to be used
from any CI server and only requires elixir and git to be installed. Here is an example [github workflow](

The mix task assumes an authenticated hex user and will try to publish and push the new package version to hex and git respectively.

This and other behavior can be changed using various [options](#reference). Here are some commonly used ones:

# Go through all the task steps without any writing changes (no commit, no tag, no push, no publish):
$ mix expublish.minor --dry-run

# Do not push the new version commit and tag to git and do not publish the new package on hex:
$ mix expublish.minor --disable-push --disable-publish

# Disable the test run:
$ mix expublish.minor --disable-test

# Ignore untracked files while validating git working directory:
$ mix expublish.minor --allow-untracked

# Push the git commit to a different branch and/or remote:
$ mix expublish.minor --branch=release --remote=upstream

# Use custom commit- and no tag-prefix:
$ mix expublish.minor --tag-prefix="" --commit-prefix="Version bump"

Apart from the mix task, Expublish exposes some [functions](
which can be used to create new releases from other elixir applications or scripts.

### Note on hex authentication

Regardless of publishing to []( or a self-hosted hex repository, the shell environment where
`mix expublish` is being executed must be authenticated for the publishing step to succeed.

While publishing to usually requires to have a valid `HEX_API_TOKEN` to be defined in the current environment, self-hosted repositories can use a range of various authentication methods.

Check the documentation on [publishing]( and [self-hosting]( to find out more.

## Reference

The mix task is defined as:

mix expublish.[level] [options]

### Level

| Level   | Description                                                 |
| ------- | ----------------------------------------------------------- |
| `major` | When making incompatible API changes.                       |
| `minor` | When adding functionality in a backwards compatible manner. |
| `patch` | When making backwards compatible bug fixes.                 |

### Options

| Option                   | Default             | Description                                       |
| ------------------------ | ------------------- | ------------------------------------------------- |
| `-h, --help`             | `false`             | Print help.                                       |
| `-d, --dry-run`          | `false`             | Perform dry run (no writes, no commits).          |
| `--allow-untracked`      | `false`             | Skip untracked files when checking git porcelain. |
| `--disable-test`         | `false`             | Disable test run.                                 |
| `--disable-publish`      | `false`             | Disable hex publish.                              |
| `--disable-push`         | `false`             | Disable git push.                                 |
| `--branch=string`        | `"master"`          | Remote branch for git push.                       |
| `--remote=string`        | `"origin"`          | Remote name for git push.                         |
| `--commit-prefix=string` | `"Version release"` | Prefix for commit message.                        |
| `--tag-prefix=string`    | `"v"`               | Prefix for release tag.                           |