# Exromaji

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A Elixir library for translating between hiragana, katakana, romaji and sound.

## Installation

If [available in Hex](, the package can be installed as:

  1. Add exromaji to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

  def deps do
    [{:exromaji, "~> x.x"}]

  2. Exromaji package needs `nkf` command and it needs to install that in your environment when you don't have `nkf`.

  $ brew install nkf

## Usage

Exromaji provides some convinient functions in Exromaji module through Exromaji.Translator and Exromaji.Table.
Those provided functions are able to translate into hiragana(ひらがな), katakana(カタカナ), romaji(ローマ字) and sound(五十音).

Into hiragana(ひらがな)
iex(1)> Exromaji.hiragana "a a A ア ア ァ ァ あ ぁ 亜"
"あ あ あ あ あ ぁ ぁ あ ぁ 亜"
iex(2)> Exromaji.hiragana "ヒラガナ hiragana"
"ひらがな ひらがな"

Into katakana(カタカナ)
iex(3)> Exromaji.katakana "a a A ア ア ァ ァ あ ぁ 亜"
"ア ア ア ア ア ァ ァ ア ァ 亜"
iex(4)> Exromaji.katakana "かたかな katakana"
"カタカナ カタカナ"

Into romaji(ローマ字)
iex(5)> Exromaji.romaji "a a A ア ア ァ ァ あ ぁ 亜"
"a a a a a ァ ァ a ァ 亜"
iex(6)> Exromaji.romaji "ローマジ ろーまじ"
"ro-maji ro-maji"

Into sound(五十音)
iex(7)> Exromaji.sound "よろしく"

Those provided functions cannot detect Kanji(漢字) in translation working, like this.

iex(9)> Exromaji.romaji "ローマ字"

iex(10)> Exromaji.sound "夜露死苦"

However [exkanji package]( are detecting Kanji(漢字). It also inspires a imitational interfaces from exromaji.
I suppose that you'll install [exkanji package]( in your development as required.

iex(11)> Exkanji.romaji "ローマ字"

iex(12)> Exkanji.sound "夜露死苦"

[API Reference](

## Inspiration

- [mojinizer](
- [romaji](
- [kana](