# ExSentry

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An Elixir client library for the [Sentry]( error
reporting platform.

Not an officially supported Sentry client.

Beta quality, offered without guarantee, YMMV, etc.

## Installation

1. Add exsentry to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

        def deps do
          [{:exsentry, "~> 0.1.3"}]

2. If using as an OTP application, ensure exsentry is started
   before your application in `mix.exs`:

        def application do
          [applications: [:exsentry]]

   And configure your Sentry DSN in `config.exs`:

        config :exsentry, dsn: "your-dsn-here"

## Usage

ExSentry can be used as a standalone client, as an OTP application tied
into your app's lifecycle, or as a Plug in your webapp's plug stack (e.g.,
Phoenix router).

### Standalone

Create a client process like this:

    client ="your-dsn-here")

And capture messages or exceptions like this:

    client |> ExSentry.capture_message("Hello world!")

    client |> ExSentry.capture_exception(an_exception)

    client |> ExSentry.capture_exceptions fn ->

### OTP Application

If you've configured `mix.exs` and `config.exs` as described in
installation step 2 above, you can invoke ExSentry without
explicitly creating a client:

    ExSentry.capture_message("Hello world!")


    ExSentry.capture_exceptions fn ->

### Plug

ExSentry can be used as a Plug error handler, to automatically inform
Sentry of any exceptions encountered within your web application.

To use ExSentry as a Plug error handler, follow the OTP configuration
instructions, then put `use ExSentry.Plug` wherever your Plug stack is
defined, for instance in `web/router.ex` in a Phoenix application:

    defmodule MyApp.Router do
      use MyApp.Web, :router
      use ExSentry.Plug

      pipeline :browser do

## Authorship and License

ExSentry is copyright 2015-2016 Appcues, Inc.

ExSentry is released under the MIT License, available at LICENSE.txt.