# Exsolr

Port of [RSolr]( to Elixir

## Installation

  1. Add exsolr to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

        def deps do
          [{:exsolr, git: ""}]

  2. Ensure exsolr is started before your application:

        def application do
          [applications: [:exsolr]]

## Configuration

The default behaviour is to configure using the config file:

In `config/config.exs`, add:

        config :exsolr,
          hostname: "localhost",
          port: 8983,
          core: "elixir_test"

## Querying

Use #get to perform a query into Solr. All parameters are optional

        response = Exsolr.get(q: "roses", fq: ["blue", "violet"])["docs"], fn(doc) -> doc["id"] end)

The following query fields will have default values if they aren't specified

        q:     "*:*"
        wt:    "json"
        start: 0
        rows:  10

## Indexing documents into Solr

Single document via #add

        Exsolr.add(%{id: 1, price: 1.00})

Multiple documents via #add

        [%{id: 1, price: 1.00}, %{id: 2, price: 10.50}]
        |> Exsolr.add

Force a commit into Solr


## Deleting

Delete by id


Delete all the documents from the core