# ExtrText

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*ExtrText* is an Elixir library for extracting text and meta information from `.docx`, `.xlsx` and `.pptx` files.

## Usage

iex> docx =!("example.docx")
iex> {:ok, texts} = ExtrText.get_texts(docx)
iex> texts
  ["Paragraph 1", "Paragraph 2", "Paragraph 3"]
iex> {:ok, metadata} = ExtrText.get_metadata(docx)
iex> metadata
  created: ~U[2021-11-19 22:25:20Z],
  creator: "John Doe",
  description: "",
  keywords: "",
  language: "ja-JP",
  last_modified_by: "John Doe",
  modified: ~U[2021-11-22 21:24:43Z],
  revision: 2,
  subject: "",
  title: "Example"

## Installation

Add `:extr_text` to your `mix.exs`:

  defp deps do
      {:extr_text, "~> 0.2.0"}

Then, run `mix deps.get`.

## Limitations

* The function `ExtrText.get_texts/1` extracts texts from an Excel file, but not numbers, dates, etc.

## Acknowledgments

This project is inspired by [ranguba/chupa-text](,
a Ruby gem package.

## Author

[Tsutomu Kuroda](<>)

## License

[MIT licens](./MIT_LICENSE.txt)