# fake_lager


`fake_lager` is a drop-in replacement for
[`lager`]( that forwards logs to
[`logger`]( instead.

It intends on easing transitions to `logger` on codebases for which a
straightforward move away from `lager` is impractical or unattainable in
the near future.

Basic lager functionality is covered:

- distinct log levels
- lazy evaluation of logging calls
- process and message metadata

Extra sinks:

- messages sent to extra sinks will be sent to the default log;
if you wish to send those messages to a separate log, you can
[extra logger handlers](
as well as [filters](

Yet to achieve:

- support for pretty printing of records and stacktraces

Likely unattainable:

- tracing

**`fake_lager` is experimental** and might not behave as you expect it to.