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# Fernet.Ecto

`Fernet.Ecto` defines `Ecto.Type`-based fields that automatically
Fernet-encrypts and decrypts values stored and loaded from a repository.  The
[API documentation]( has more

## Installation

1. Add [`fernet_ecto`]( to your list of
   dependencies in `mix.exs`:

   def deps do
     [{:fernet_ecto, "~> 1.3.0"}]

1. Run `mix deps.get` to fetch and install the package.

1. Ensure `fernet_ecto` is started before your application:

   def application do
     [applications: [:fernet_ecto]]

## Release

* Bump the version here in the `` and in `mix.exs`.
* Run `git tag v$VERSION` to tag the version that was just published.
* Run `git push --tags origin master` to push tags to Github.
* Run `mix hex.publish` to publish the new version.

## License

&copy; 2016 Jamshed Kakar <>. See `` file for