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# FileStorageApi

Library to be able to upload and manage files to different storage service azure/s3 

## Installation

It can be added to your project by adding

def deps do
    {:file_storage_api, "~> 0.3"}


Ability to set storage engine currently S3 and Azure supported. 
For tests Mock can be used with the mox library.
config :file_storage_api, :storage_api, engine: Azure

S3 configuration (options from ex_aws_s3 library)
config :file_storage_api, :s3_config,
host: "",
scheme: "http://",
port: 9000,
access_key_id: "admin",
secret_access_key: "password",
path_style: true

For test S3 can also be mocked by

config :file_storage_api, :s3_config, module: AwsMock

Azure configuration (options from azure library)
config :file_storage_api, :azure_blob,
  account_key: "password",
  account_name: "user",
  environment_suffix: "",
  host: ,
  development: "true" || "false"