# finch_gleam

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A wrapper/adapter package for the [Finch]( HTTP client.

This library adapts the Finch functions to accept and return [gleam/http]( requests and responses.

## Installation

This package can be added to your Gleam project:

gleam add finch_gleam

and its documentation can be found at <>.

## Usage

import gleam/uri
import gleam/http
import gleam/http/request
import gleam/erlang/atom
import finch

assert Ok(url) = uri.parse("")
assert Ok(req) = request.from_uri(url)
let req = request.Request(..req, method: http.Post, body: "foo bar")

// Build Finch request from gleam/http request
let finch_req =, [])

// Run request with Finch, using Finch.Server, returns gleam/http response
assert Ok(resp) = finch.request(finch_req, atom.create_from_string("Elixir.Finch.Server"))