# Fly
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Fly is an OTP application you can use to transform files on the fly with various

It's very much in-progress at present!  As in, it doesn't work at all like you
want yet!  Ultimately, you will be able to use it to generate URLs that specify
Just-in-Time transformations of a given file.

For now, the API will certainly change as it's *extremely early in development*.

## Usage in a Phoenix Application

There's [an example application here](

In general, the setup is trivial.  First, add the dependency and start the `fly`

  def application do
      mod: {YourAppHere, []},
      applications: [
        # ...
  defp deps do
    [ # ...
      {:fly, path: "../fly"},

Then you'll want to configure Fly, in `config/config.exs`.  Here's an example

config :fly, :workers,
    static: {Fly.Worker.StaticText, %{}},
    pngify: {Fly.Worker.Pngify, %{}},
    resize: {Fly.Worker.Resize, %{}}

Finally, forward requests to `Fly.Plug`.  In `web/router.ex`:

defmodule YourAppHere.Router do
  use YourAppHere.Web, :router
  # ...
  forward "/fly", Fly.Plug
  # ...

Now, `Fly` is ready to take your requests.  You can create a URL that will route
a request through `Fly.Plug`:

<img src="/fly/resize?url=" />

Now if you load the page, you'll see the image in that URL returned, resized to
400 px wide and respecting its aspect ratio, using imagemagick to do the
resizing (but this is just a function of the `resize` worker you configured

## Building a worker

You can look at the [Fly.Worker.Resize](lib/fly/worker/resize.ex) worker to see
an example of building a worker.  You configure them in your application
configuration.  An example is in [this project's config.exs](config/config.exs).

## Using a worker

You can run workers directly:

```elixir, input, %{size: "100x"})

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