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Forecastr is an open source Weather API wrapper for OpenWeatherMap and DarkSky API.

Forecastr is an Elixir flavour of that talks directly to one of
the aforementioned weather services.
Aim of the project is to provide a website similar to written entirely in elixir

**Project status: beta**

## Installation

The package can be installed by adding `forecastr` to your list of dependencies
in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:forecastr, "~> 0.2"}

The documentation can be found at

If you want to play with this project you have to obtain an api key from or and:


Also put in your `config/config.exs`

config :forecastr,
  appid: System.get_env("FORECASTR_API_KEY"),
  backend: Forecastr.OWM,
  # 10 minutes by default
  ttl: 10 * 60_000

If you want to use the DarkSky API put `backend: Forecastr.Darksky`

Samples of output for today's forecast:

Forecastr.forecast(:today, "lima")


Sample output with the OWM backend (the number of days is different depending on the backend used):

Forecastr.forecast(:next_days, "lima")

![in 5 days](in_five_days.png)

> "*All the ducks are swimming in the water
> Fal de ral de ral do*" (Lemon Jelly cit.)

![duck with sunglasses](duck_with_sunglasses.jpg)

If you want *gifs* back with your weather forecast from **Giphy** call the giphy

iex> Forecastr.forecast(:today, "berlin", %{units: :metric}, Forecastr.Renderer.Giphy)
   "coordinates" => %{"lat" => 52.5170365, "lon" => 13.3888599},
   "country" => "Deutschland",
   "description" => "Mostly Cloudy",
   "giphy_pic" => "",
   "id" => "partly-cloudy-day",
   "name" => "Berlin",
   "temp" => 9.77,
   "temp_max" => 9.77,
   "temp_min" => 9.77

This works also by calling `Forecastr.forecast` with the `:next_days` atom to
get the weather forecast for the next days.

- [X] Travis
- [X] JSON renderer
- [X] PNG Renderer with transparency (it's there but needs some love)
- [X] Integrate (now DarkSky) as a backend.
- [X] Giphy renderer
- [ ] Tests! (some coverage, good enough for now ™, however if someone feels like to add more.. ;))
- [ ] Correct ASCII Art for the renderers that supports that (In progress)

# Thank yous

* The project for inspiration
* ![wego]( for the amazing ASCII art