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# 📅 `gcal`

Easily view and manage **`Google Calendar` `events`**
from your `Elixir` / `Phoenix` App.

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# Why? 🤷‍♀️

After building our 
that allowed us to visualize 
our `Google Calendar` events
in a more friendly interface,
we realized that much of the `code`
could be reused.
So we decided to split the code
out into an independently tested, documented and maintained package
that _anyone_ can use. 

# What? 🗓️

A _tiny_ well-documented, tested & maintained `Elixir` library 
for interacting with `Google Calendar`.

See it in action:

# Who?

`gcal` is _by_ us _for_ us (`@dwyl`).
We are _using_ it in our 
Anyone `else` that needs to interact with `Google Calendar`
from their `Elixir` / `Phoenix` App(s)
is very welcome to use it.

If you like what you see, please star the repo. ⭐ 🙏
If you have any questions or suggestions,
[open an issue](
we _love_ hearing from people. 💬

# How? 

The package is available at:

## Installation

Add `gcal` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:gcal, "~> 1.0.3"}

## Configuration

If you want to run tests with mocks 
in your project that uses `Gcal`,
add the following lines to your `config/text.exs` file:

config :gcal,
  httpoison_mock: true

## Usage

### Google Auth Session `access_token`

This package expects a valid **`Google` session `access_token`** 
as the **_first_ argument** for all functions.
The easiest way to get a **`access_token`**
is to use 
to allow `people` using your app
to easily authenticate with their `Google` Account. 

### Functions

# Docs

Comprehensive documentation is available at: