# geas_rebar3

This is rebar3 plugin to use [geas]( .

Simply add in your global config file `~/.config/rebar3/rebar.config` :

{plugins, [
  {geas_rebar3, {git, "", {branch, "master"}}}

or simply (using hex package [geas_rebar3](

{plugins, [geas_rebar3]}.


then run 

rebar3 geas

Note : Windows users can set this in `%userprofile%\.config\rebar3\rebar.config`.

Important : build plugins must not be set in local rebar.config. Otherwise those plugins will be part of geas analyze.

## Branches

Using 'dev' branch of this project will also use the 'dev' branch of `geas` repository.

## Troubles 
Please open trouble ticket here only if it is related to plugin only.

Geas issue have to be opened [there](