# Library: Templates for Elixir projects that contain state

Based on the keynote by [Dave Thomas](
at [Empex NYC 2018]( about
how we are all writing Elixir incorrectly.

## Bootstrap

Before you can use this template (or any other template), you need to install
[mix gen](

This template is installed using the `template.install` mix task.
Projects are generated from it using the `mix gen` task.

So, before using templates for the first time, you need to install these two tasks:

    $ mix archive.install mix_templates
    $ mix archive.install mix_generator

Then you can install this template using

    $ mix template.install gen_template_library

## New Library

To generate your new Elixir library

    mix gen library «name» [ --into «path» ] [--module «module»]

«Module» must be a valid Elixir module name or alias.