# Geo.Turf
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An Elixir spatial analysis tool for the [Geo]( library ported from [TurfJS](

## Warning

**At the moment the library is in early development mode. The API could, and propably will, change on any moment.**

## Usage

The library can perform functions on [Geo]( objects as well as basic mathematic functions useful in spatial analysis. At the moment Geo.Turf expects WGS84 coordinates.

For example:

  * `Geo.Turf.Measure.along/3`: Make a `%Geo.Point{}` at a definded distance from the start of a `%Geo.LineString{}` .
  * `Geo.Turf.Measure.along_midpoint/1`: Make a `%Geo.Point{}` at a the middle of a `%Geo.LineString{}` .
  * ``: Makes a `%Geo.Point{}` at the center of a Feature.
  * `Geo.Turf.Measure.close_to/4`: Check if 2 `%Geo.Point{}` items are close to each other.
  * `Geo.Turf.Measure.distance/3`: Check the distance between 2 `%Geo.Point{}` items.
  * `Geo.Turf.Measure.length_of/2`: Gives the length of a `%Geo.LineString{}` or the circumference of a `%Geo.Polygon{}`

## Suggestions

If there are functions you need from [TurfJS]( or just things you thought of please just make an issue for it. Including a test for it would be great.